Saturday, June 16, 2018

Meet Stephanie Ellis, Leading Lady in THE LETTER

© Can Stock Photo / aletia
I really like Stephanie, my leading lady in The Letter. She has a lot of spunk, and she's not afraid to call it as she sees it.

As the story begins Stephanie is a legal secretary who's been in a relationship with leading man Danny for some time. Stephanie wants to know where their relationship is heading, but whenever she tries to bring it up, Danny quickly changes the subject. 

Stephanie's relationship with Danny will take an unexpected turn when she accidentally stumbles on a card sent to him by another woman. While Vanessa, her best friend, thinks the sender is nothing more than a lonely ex, Stephanie remains unconvinced. Is she really an ex? Or is Danny still seeing his old girlfriend on the side? The old girlfriend, however, will soon be the least of her worries as her world suddenly spirals out of control. And while things aren't necessarily as they appear, she'll make a rash decision that will change her life forever.

Stephanie is a purely fictitious character. However, the opening chapter of The Letter is based on a real-life event that happened to a close friend of mine many years ago. 


Monday, June 11, 2018

It's Time to Start Planning my Next Novel

Now that The Letter has been successfully launched, it's time to start planning my next novel. And, as typically happens, my inspiration comes for the strangest places. 

A few months back I was reminiscing about a distant cousin who, decades ago, played on a soap opera. I was a young artist at the time, and I used to create the cover art for her fan club newsletter. When she decided to leave the show, I was invited to watch her final taping and attend her wrap party. It was an interesting experience, to say the least, and then the thought hit me. Why not use the wrap party as a starting point for my next novel? Why not have my next leading lady be a successful actress who suddenly decides to walk away from Hollywood for good because she no longer knows who she really is? Then, a few weeks later, as I was playing around with ideas, the Harvey Weinstein scandal erupted, and I thought wow, here's even more inspiration for a good novel.

The working title is, The Scandal, although that title is subject to change. And, just so you know, the lead character will not bear any resemblance my cousin. She's a unique character with her own set of issues, and her life will be very, very different from my cousin's. 

If all goes according to plan, The Scandal should be out in about a year. Give or take a couple of months.


Thursday, June 7, 2018

Meet Danny Woodruff Leading Man in THE LETTER

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Danny Woodruff is probably my most complicated leading man so far. Hard working and ambitious, he intends to work his way up the corporate ladder; all the way to the top. He also loves leading lady Stephanie. Or at least he thinks he does, in his own way. Unfortunately, Danny has a problem. He's haunted by women from his past.

The story begins with Danny and Stephanie having been in a relationship for some time. Stephanie wants to know where things are going, but whenever she tries to bring it up, he changes the subject. He's perfectly happy with the status quo, and he's not sure if even he wants a wife or a family. As the story unfolds we learn more about Danny's past and his struggle to overcome it. However, the ending may not be what you were expecting. 

Danny is a composite character inspired by men I've known in the past. He may not be my most likable leading man, but he's probably the most realistic.

Wednesday, May 30, 2018

The Letter is Now Available

My newest novel, The Letter, is now available in print and for the Amazon Kindle.

The Letter is the story of a man being hounded by a former girlfriend who can't accept the fact that their relationship has ended. While not as dark of a story as The Stalker, The Letter is a story of misunderstandings, miscommunications, and people who aren't as they appear to be. Like my other novels, the plot twists and turns to an unexpected, if not surprise, ending.

The Letter is also available in paperback on Barnes&, and look for upcoming ebook editions available for iBooks and for the Nook reader. 


Friday, May 25, 2018

Southern Arizona Wine Country

When I'm not busy writing books, I'm also a video geek. I've been doing photography since the age of nine, and, with new digital technology, I'm now getting into video. With help and inspiration from my good friend and fellow video geek, Rob Resetar, I've learned a lot about how to produce videos from the book trailers he's created for me.

I'm also willing to bet that many of you probably don't know that there are some wonderful wineries in southern Arizona. I certainly didn't know about them until after I moved to Tucson. They're down near the Mexican border in a beautiful part of the state. From time to time I'll pack a lunch and spend a day down there, and I also included it as one of the locations in my novel, The Betrayal.

I recently produced a little video montage about our local wine country, and Sonoita Vineyards, one of the featured wineries, was the real life inspiration for McPherson Vineyards, where Kyle hides Emily to save her from a hitman.


Wednesday, May 23, 2018

Yep, I'm Back

I originally started this blog back in 2012. It was right after I'd published my second romance novel, The Deception. I started out with Blogger and found it incredibly user friendly, even though everyone I talked to kept saying, "WordPress! WordPress! WordPress!"

Then, a couple years ago, I encountered some sort of a coding error that I couldn't fix, so I moved this, and all my other blogs, over to WordPress, and yeah, WordPress has some cool features that Blogger doesn't. It was also cumbersome and difficult to use, and it just wasn't as comfortable of a platform for me. Then the unthinkable happened. I went to post something on another blog, but when I tried to log into it I kept getting error messages. So I called GoDaddy, my WordPress provider, and was told that WordPress is susceptible to malware and hacking, and that's what had happened to my blog. Of course they could fix it--for an extra fee.

I am so done with WordPress! I'm migrating all my blogs back to Blogger. Maybe Blogger isn't as cool as WordPress, but it's a whole lot more secure. It too has some cool features that WordPress doesn't, and, as mentioned before it's so much easier to use. I have enough hassles in life. I don't need to deal with a blogging platform that's difficult to use and easy to hack. 


Tuesday, April 24, 2018

What is Wrong with Me? I Haven't Killed Anyone.

My latest novel, The Letter, differs from all my others. This time I didn't kill any of the characters. Not one. And that's a first for me.

Now don't get me wrong. I'm not a sociopathic serial killer. At least not in the real world. But as a novel writer, I have to create conflict and drama in my stories to keep them interesting, and when it comes to creating drama, death is about as good as it gets.

Most of the time, the dearly departed is a notorious villain with whom karma has finally caught up with. Big time. In four of my novels a bad guy, or gal, got what was coming to them. The one exception was The Journey, where I had to kill a supporting character who I truly liked. So much so that I tried writing a few alternate scenes in which the character didn't die, but they just didn't work as well. Killing this character off heightened the drama, which made the story more intense and a more interesting read. Nevertheless, writing this character out made me feel genuinely sad.

There is one character in The Letter I thought of killing off. Like most of my other "victims," it was a despicable antagonist. However, unlike the others, this character also had a young child, and I simply couldn't bring myself to create an orphan. So, this time, instead of an untimely if not painful death, it's a terrifying near death experience. Surely you didn't think I'd let a villain get away scot-free, did you?