Friday, June 21, 2019

The Scandal Book Cover

Once again my illustrator, Wes Lowe, has come through and he's created his best cover illustration to date. 

The Scandal is the story of soap opera star Lauren McAllen. Lauren has recently left the soap that made her famous and has landed a supporting role in a major motion picture. But before the camera rolls, her dream of stardom shatters when the studio head is accused of wrongdoing, and she's unwittingly caught up in a major scandal that rocks Hollywood.

I'm still working on the manuscript, and hope to have it complete and ready to go to the editor in early July. While this book has been the most interesting one to write so far, it's also required more research, and revisions, than anything I've done before, but trust me, it'll be well worth the wait.


Thursday, May 30, 2019

A Sequel May Be In The Works

© Can Stock Photo/khunaspix
The inspiration for my stories comes from my life experiences, family stories, or stories others have told me of their life experiences. For example, one of my cousins backed out of her wedding at the last minute after suddenly realizing she was in love with the best man. Those are the kind of stories that inspire me, and I planned on using it for the next novel, after I complete The Scandal. Then I remembered. I'd already used it as a backstory for one of the characters in The Letter. It was one of the main characters, and, interestingly enough, at the end of the book, this particular character's storyline was left a bit ambiguous. 


Now I'm not going to tell you which character I'm referring to as I don't want to spoil it for those who haven't read it yet, but there are some possibilities as well as some challenges. Yes, this individual was one of the main characters, but not necessarily as likeable as the other main characters. Mind you, this isn't a bad person, but rather someone who's stuck in the past and unable to move forward. But then again, a conflicted protagonist can be interesting character indeed. So, I'll play around with the idea a little longer, and in the meantime, if you haven't read The Letter yet, you may want to check it out. Summer is upon us, and it would be a nice beach read.

And by the way, my cousin ended up marrying the best man, and they had a family. So far as I know, they're still together. 


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Wednesday, May 22, 2019

The Letter Book Trailer is Almost Ready

Photo by Gayle Martin
We're busy putting the final touches on my upcoming book trailer for The Letter, and each trailer seems to be better than the one before. Once again I'm working with Rob Resetar of Rob Resetar Video, and he's come up with some amazing ideas.

In The Letter leading lady Stephanie falls on hard times, so Josh helps her earn extra cash hiring her as an artist's model, and we've included a scene in the book trailer.

The Letter is available on Amazon, and


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Friday, May 17, 2019

Yikes! I've Created Another Sexy Villain

© Can Stock Photo / Ostill
Ask any fiction author and they'll tell you that characters have minds of their own. And believe me, I have experienced this phenomenon many times myself. There have been times when a character came out much differently than originally planned, and it's always been for the better.

Most of the time I try to make my villains as despicable as I can. After all, there's nothing more fun than a villain we love to hate, and it's great when he or she finally gets their comeuppance. Some of my more dastardly villains include Scott Andrews, the married guy putting himself out as a single guy to entice unsuspecting single women in The Deception. Then there's Beau Fowler, the corrupt detective in The Betrayal, who attempts to frame an innocent woman for a crime she didn't commit. And finally, there's Craig Walker, the sociopathic villain in The Stalker, who'll resort to kidnapping and murder to get what he wants. 

Other villains, however, have had a certain quality about them that makes them more complex, more charismatic and, for lack of a better word, sexy. Jeremy Palmer in The Reunion was the first. Originally intended to be a rogue character who would do his dirty deed and be quickly written out of the story, Jeremy turned out to have that special charisma. So rather than being someone to despise, Jeremy instead became a rival, competing with his father to win Gillain's affections. Josh Ramsey in The Letter was originally intended to be a conman, but when the chemistry between him and Stephanie unexpectedly sizzled, his character had to revamped into a mystery man who wasn't who he appeared to be.

So now it's happening again, this time with Calvin Michaelson, in my upcoming novel, The Scandal. Cal's a Hollywood mogul and a womanizer who's earned himself quite a reputation as a playboy. He too was intended to be a despicable villain for readers to hate, but as his character evolved he became more dynamic than I expected, so now he too is being revamped. He'll still be a playboy, but by the end of the story a new and completely unexpected side to Cal will be revealed. 

The Scandal will be available later this summer.


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Thursday, May 9, 2019

Entering the Home Stretch for "The Scandal"

© Can Stock Photo / trekandshoot
There's only a few more chapters left to write and my next novel will be ready go to the editor. I am loving this story. It's come out so much better than expected. It includes an amazing cast of characters and it's probably my most well researched book so far. 

As my readers know, I put a lot of time and effort into making my storylines as realistic and believable as possible, and I've learned a lot about the television and movie industry. So as I've gone along, I've had to do some major revisions, but that's okay. Each revision makes the story that much better. I also had to revamp my main antagonist. 

As luck would have it, it was shorty after I decided to write a book about Hollywood that the whole Harvey Weinstein scandal broke, but I didn't want to emulate it in my novel, so I opted to have my lead antagonist be more of a Roman Polanski. However, it came out a bit too creepy for my taste, and after several revisions it was still too creepy, and I simply didn't like it. So, finally, I had to go back and do more of a Harvey Weinstein inspired storyline, but with a Marina Martindale twist. This time, it worked. Of course, he's not my only villain, and as I'm wrapping up some of my loose ends another antagonist is poised and ready to strike. And that's all I have to say about that.

If all goes according to plan, The Scandal will be available this summer.


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Tuesday, May 7, 2019

Working on The Letter Book Trailer

Photo by Gayle Martin
Lights, camera, action! We've gone into production for my next book trailer, this time for The Letter. Once again I have my faithful crew, cameraman Rob Resetar and Jim Glinski, my drone operator, along with three amazing actors. We had a great time shooting and now we're going into post production. Look for the book trailer soon.


Thursday, April 25, 2019

Back to the Land of the Living

© Can Stock Photo / ESchweitzer
No, I haven't fallen off the planet, although it may appear that way. I don't know exactly what I had, but whatever it was, I've never been this sick for this long in my life.

It started at the end of February. I felt like I was coming down with mild cold and I really didn't feel bad at all. A few days later I looked in the mirror and noticed I had an eye infection. (Conjunctivitis.) Then it spread to the other eye. Typical. Conjunctivitis is highly contagious but it's usually not serious; it's just irritating. Unfortunately, it was only the beginning. My ears decided they had to get into the act as well.

First the Eustachian tube in my left ear started hurting. Bad. Really, really, bad. Then it ruptured and started bleeding, and I wasn't exactly pleased at that point. (Panicked is more like it.) So I went to urgent care and they prescribed antibiotics. The eyes cleared up, but then I ended up with ear infections in both ears so I spent the next couple of weeks hardly able to hear. Someone suggested Flonase, so tried it, and that got them to drain some. However, as I'm writing I'm still not fully recovered. I was finally able to get in to see ENT physician a few days ago. Thankfully, the ruptured eardrum has healed, and she says I'm on the mend and doing well. It's about time, as I also had a c diff infection a few weeks ago. I got it from the antibiotics, and trust me, it wasn't fun either. C diff is a potentially deadly superbug that's become an epidemic. It affects people of all ages, and it usually happens to people who've been very sick and taking antibiotics, as I was. 

While I was sick I thought I'd spend some time writing, but it was really hard for me to focus. No doubt infections affect your brain as well, so I spent most days napping, playing solitaire, hanging out on Facebook and watching YouTube videos. That's when I stumbled on a young filmmaker whose work is really impressive. His name is Arthur Dark, and his YouTube series is called Hollywood Graveyard. While it may sound morbid to some it's actually well researched, full of interesting history, and it's well produced. This kid has talent and, hopefully, he'll go far.  Meantime, if you're so inclined, go check him out. 

I'm finally feeling better and getting back to doing the things I enjoy doing, such as playing my piano, going out and listening to live music, photography, blogging, and, of course, writing. I'm finishing up my latest novel, and I hope to have it out this summer.