Saturday, September 22, 2012

Jason Matthews, the Deadly But Never Seen Villain in "The Reunion"

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I'll usually have more than one villain in my novels, and Jason Matthews is one of the antagonists you meet in The Reunion. Interestingly enough, he's never actually seen, but his presence is most certainly felt, and he has a major impact on the story.

Leading lady Gillian, has a history of getting involved with the wrong men. An artist by profession, she tells Ian, the leading man, her story of visiting Tombstone, Arizona, to do some research after being commissioned to do a series of paintings about the Old West. While in Tombstone she happened to meet Jason, a bartender and street performer. Handsome and charming, Gillian asked Jason to model for the paintings. He not only accepted her offer, he quickly swept her off her feet. Gillian believed she'd finally found her true love, and the two eloped a short time later.

Gillian's happiness with Jason, however, would be short lived. Instead of being the man of her dreams, Jason became her worst nightmare. She eventually divorced him, and because they had no children, she believes he's in the past. Nightmares, however, sometimes have a way of recurring, and her worst nightmare comes to life once again when she learns that Jason has murdered his current wife. He's now on the run, and the authorities believe he's looking for her. What makes the character even more sinister is the fact that he's lurking, but never actually seen, leaving both Gillian, and Ian, to wonder where and when he will finally strike.


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