Sunday, February 24, 2013

Meet George McCormick, Crossover Character from THE DECEPTION

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As I write more novels I'm also starting to use crossover characters, meaning I'll take a supporting character from one book, and use him or her in another novel. It must be a habit I picked up when I wrote a series of children's books under a different name. The same two kids appeared in all the books, so I got comfortable with the idea of carrying characters from one book to another.

George McCormick, a supporting character from The Deception, is my first crossover character. A crusty ex homicide detective turned private investigator in The Deception, George is hired by Alex to prove Carrie's innocence after she's wrongly accused of plagiarism and copyright infringement. Later on, when Alex disappears, Carrie sends George to search for him.

George went on to appear in my next novel, The Journey. This time around he's been hired by an insurance company to investigate the disappearance and apparent murder of Jeremy Palmer. While not as big of a role this time around, George nonetheless plays a pivotal part in the story.

Crossover characters make the novels more fun. Readers will recognize those characters from other novels, and it's a nice way to interconnect my stories. Look for more crossover characters in future novels.


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