Tuesday, February 2, 2016

Meet Denise Sanderson The Evil Nurse in THE JOURNEY

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If I had to list the most evil of the villains I've created so far, Denise Sanderson would most  certainly near at the top, and she's the last person readers would expect to be so evil.

Denise is a young nurse who, at first, seems to be genuinely compassionate and caring, but she has a darker side. When she was in nursing school, she frequented a bar called O'Malley's Grill, and soon fell in love with one of the bartenders -- Jeremy Palmer. Unfortunately for Denise, Jeremy, didn't feel the same, and when she tried to come onto him, he turned her down. Jeremy soon moved on, but Denise neither forgave, nor forgot, his rejection.

Jeremy and Denise would meet again, but under different circumstances. Denise, now a nurse, has been assigned to care for Cassie, Jeremy's wife, who's been seriously injured in a car crash. She quickly befriends both Cassie and Jeremy, and while Jeremy can't quite place her, she seems familiar nonetheless. He feels he can trust her, but Denise will use his trust to unleash her revenge, and Jeremy's life will never be the same.

Denise is a fictitious character, but she also represents a deep-seeded fear many of us may have. What if the people we trust to take care of us during our most vulnerable times really don't have our best interests in mind?


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