Thursday, June 7, 2018

Meet Danny Woodruff Leading Man in THE LETTER

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Danny Woodruff is probably my most complicated leading man so far. Hard working and ambitious, he intends to work his way up the corporate ladder; all the way to the top. He also loves leading lady Stephanie. Or at least he thinks he does, in his own way. Unfortunately, Danny has a problem. He's haunted by women from his past.

The story begins with Danny and Stephanie having been in a relationship for some time. Stephanie wants to know where things are going, but whenever she tries to bring it up, he changes the subject. He's perfectly happy with the status quo, and he's not sure if even he wants a wife or a family. As the story unfolds we learn more about Danny's past and his struggle to overcome it. However, the ending may not be what you were expecting. 

Danny is a composite character inspired by men I've known in the past. He may not be my most likable leading man, but he's probably the most realistic.

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